Coast Guard officer women aviators – “The Firsts”

The Women in Aviation International Conference is scheduled to be held this week, March 14-16, 2019, in Long Beach, California. Nine Coast Guard female aviators have been nominated to be honored at this conference. This first blog highlights officer women aviators. Check back tomorrow to learn more about the enlisted aviators who have also been nominated.

The Long Blue Line: A brief history of women’s service in the Coast Guard

Over the course of its nearly 230-year history, women have played a major role in the United States Coast Guard and its predecessor services. Coast Guard women have helped shape the service and pioneered the role of their gender in the federal government and the nation as a whole.

The Long Blue Line: Vivien Crea—aviator, leader and trailblazer for women in the military

Like a true Coast Guardsman, all Vivien Crea wanted was a fair shake. Throughout her career, Crea earned the respect not only of women in the Coast Guard, but all service members who came to know her. She was a humble member of the long blue line who led the way for women int he Coast Guard and America’s armed services.

women in command

Women in command

2013 marked an unprecedented year in Coast Guard aviation with four of its 28 aviation units commanded by women. Prior to these assignments, the service had, at most, only one female aviator in command at a time. The first was retired Vice Adm. Vivien Crea who assumed command of Air Station Detroit in 1992. Following the trail blazed by Crea, the women who fill these roles today are as diverse as the aircraft they fly and the missions their units execute every day.

VADM Crea inducted into Women in Aviation Pioneer Hall of Fame

Post Written by Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Booker, Aviation Assignment Officer and one of the Coast Guard event coordinators Over the weekend, Women’s History Month kicked off with a very successful Women in Aviation International Conference. Approximately 120 Coast Guard members […]