Shipmate of the Week – LCDR Erin Williams

Located on the northeast tip of Prince William Sound, Alaska, is a city with an average annual snowfall of 30 feet – the most of any community at sea level in North America. This city is Valdez and is home to […]

Vice Admiral Sally Brice O'Hara

Vice Commandant, Government officials tour North Slope of Alaska

We have written before about the changing conditions in the Arctic, the difficulties presented by its vast expanse and its unforgiving climate. The magnitude and relevance of those challenges to maritime safety, environmental protection and U.S. sovereignty were highlighted by […]

The “Last Great Race on Earth”

The Coast Guard is sponsoring Ken Anderson, a nine-year Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race veteran, during the 2010 Iditarod race. “The Coast Guard has a proud history here in Alaska,” said Cmdr. Darryl Verfaillie, commanding officer at Marine Safety Unit […]

itCG – tugboat safely moored, POTUS maritime security operations, Holiday phone calls

The tugboat Pathfinder that struck Bligh Reef near Valdez, Alaska, on Wednesday and spilled diesel fuel into Prince William Sound is safely moored in the Port of Valdez. After lightering of the boat concluded on Friday night, crews began to […]

Guardians of the Week – The Udland Family

Heroism takes many forms. This week’s Guardians of the Week are heroes not for their bravery and sacrifice on the battlefield but for their exceptional dedication and service to the community. BM1 Aaron Udland from Station Juneau, his wife Shannon, […]