Shipmate of the Week – Seaman Juan Garcia-Perez

Coast Guard Cutter Forward recently completed an international naval exercise to build partnerships between 15 nations. Who was the key to connecting those partner nations? Seaman Juan Garcia-Perez. As a dual citizen of the United States and Colombia, and a fluent Spanish speaker, Garcia-Perez was the lead communicator for maritime forces during Forward’s participation in UNITAS 2013.


Semper Paratus in UNITAS

UNITAS, Latin for “unity,” is an annual U.S. Southern Command, multinational naval exercise designed to enhance security cooperation between South American and U.S. maritime forces. This is the 53rd year partner nations have participated in UNITAS, making it the longest ongoing maritime exercise in this region as well as the largest.

Landing signals officer

UNITAS 2011 comes to an end

Written by Ens. Ray Chaisson, Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba. Last week, Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba took part in the UNITAS LANT 52 closing ceremonies. The three-week exercise, hosted by Brazil, with participating ships from the United States, Argentina, Mexico and […]

Coast Guard Escanaba and Baja California

UNITAS 2011: International partners

Written by Ens. Ray Chaisson, Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba. As a deployed cutter, Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba has had the opportunity to interact with several foreign navies. These interactions have led to many long lasting professional relationships and produced frameworks […]

Brazilian Navy ships

UNITAS 2011: War games and coded messages

Written by Ens. Ray Chaisson, Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba, with contributions from Petty Officer 3rd Class Stephen Lehmann. It’s been roughly a week into Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba’s UNITAS experience and while it has been educational, it has been a […]

Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba

Sea services of the Americas kick off UNITAS 2011

Written by Petty Officer 3rd Class Stephen Lehmann It’s official. The start of the 52nd annual UNITAS multilateral training event has begun. Unitas, Latin for unity, is a South American and U.S. sponsored series of annual military exercises aimed at […]