Master Chief McAdams

The champion lifesaver of the Pacific coast

Throughout the history of the U.S. Coast Guard, there have been many notable leaders and heroes. But only one is known as the “the champion lifesaver and lifeboat roller of the Pacific Coast.” His name is Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas McAdams, and with a career spanning 27 years his exploits in the high surf off the Pacific Northwest are legendary.

In service to the light

In service to the light

Written by by Petty Officer 2nd Class Eric J. Chandler. Pass by pass, an old lens turns through the decades. It is part of the rhythm of the Umpqua Coast. Turning with the ebb and flood of the tides, the […]

People’s Choice – Coast Guard Photo Contest, Round 3

We are entering week three of the People’s Choice award for this year’s Coast Guard Photo Contest. Here is the third set of photos…