The wrench revolution: R-MATs poised to change how reserve engineering ratings train

Following a successful pilot program, new Reserve Maintenance Assist Teams (R-MAT) will soon work as part of active duty Coast Guard Naval Engineering Departments (NED). Reserve machinery technicians, damage controlmen, and electrician’s mates will be assigned to these teams to better develop their skills, their careers and the Reserve’s ability to respond to daily challenges and historic moments.

From the Homefront: Things we should know about the Coast Guard Reserve

Consider it the team behind the team. Last month marked the 75th anniversary of the Coast Guard Reserve, so we thought it would be a perfect time to explain how the Reserve works and to dispel some misconceptions.

U.S. Coast Guard Reserve: 75 years of dedicated service

U.S. Coast Guard Reserve: Celebrating 75 years of dedicated service

Today marks the diamond anniversary for the Coast Guard Reserve, founded on Feb. 19, as part of the Auxiliary and Reserve Act of 1941. The nearly 7,000 men and women who make up the current Reserve force are citizen sailors. Flexible and responsive, many freely sacrifice their free time to serve their community and nation. They dedicate their weekends and vacation time to support the service’s missions.

Coast Guard Reserve: 74 years of reliable response

One of the world’s most famous war-time leaders, Winston Churchill once noted, “In battles two things are usually required of the Commander-in-Chief: to make a good plan for his army and, secondly, to keep a strong reserve.” Since its creation by Admiral Russell Waesche, the 8th Commandant of the Coast Guard, on February 19, 1941, the Coast Guard Reserve has time and again proven itself to be that strong reserve capability to which Churchill referred.

MSTC Jessica Snyder

Shipmate of the Week – MSTC Jessica Snyder

How does a paralegal at the U.S. Department of Justice end up in Iraq assigned to a U.S. Army transportation battalion? She volunteers to deploy as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. Chief Petty Officer Jessica Snyder, a […]