2015 Videos of the Year: Healy Geotraces Expedition

2015 Videos of the Year: Healy Geotraces expedition

In the eighth video of this year’s top 10 competition, the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Healy embarks on an expedition with the National Science Foundation-funded research program Geotraces in an endeavor to study trace elements in the world’s oceans.

Arctic Rescue

Stuck in the Arctic

The 24 hours of sunlight, enormous marine mammals and vast emptiness create an environment unlike any in the world. It’s no surprise, then, that the melting ice is enticing adventure seekers to experience the untouched frontier. As vessel traffic increases, so does the chance for an accident in this inherently dangerous maritime region. It’s the inevitability of peril that drives many Coast Guard missions, and those missions extend all the way into the Nation’s Arctic. When an adventure on the Chukchi Sea took a turn for the worse, the Coast Guard was ready to respond.