Eagle Service in Puerto Rico

‘What does the Coast Guard mean to you?’

Aboard the Barque Eagle, life is not easy for anyone – crew or cadet. Life aboard makes you tired, wet, hot (or cold) and often very sweaty. For Coast Guard Academy Cadet 1st Class Austin Fullmer, this summer has also been one of the greatest learning experiences of his life.


National Coast Guard Museum: Breaking ground

The National Coast Guard Museum Association was formed to “establish, develop, foster and perpetuate the National Coast Guard Museum which will serve to promote historical knowledge of the Coast Guard and its predecessor services among the present and past member of the service and among the general public, and to promote an awareness, recognition and pride the their role in the maritime heritage of the United States.”

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A call to duty on the high seas

Built during the twilight era of sail, Coast Guard Cutter Eagle’s construction embodies centuries of development in the art and history of shipbuilding. Today, the teak decks of the barque served as a fitting platform for the time-honored tradition of the Ancient Mariner ceremony.


Sea stories: Pure salt

Red Shannon devoted 33 years of service to the Coast Guard, logging a record 12 years aboard Eagle. It’s a ship he knows from stem to stern. He first reported in 1954, as a quartermaster first class. His last tour – from 1981 to 1987 was served aboard Eagle as a chief warrant officer and the ship’s sail master. Following Eagle, he earned his master’s license and spent an additional 23 years at sea as the captain of square-riggers and other ships. These experiences, along with his extensive historical knowledge of both sailing and the Coast Guard, make him an ideal instructor for the trainees and crew. He’s still teaching advanced ship handling at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Sea stories: Square-rigger sailors

In the need for adventure on the high seas? We have your answer. All week long, Coast Guard Cutter Eagle is taking over our social media accounts by sharing crewmember sea stories. Check out the sea story below or see […]


Sea stories: Cooking up a storm

It has often been said that maintaining good morale aboard a ship requires a few essential ingredients. For many, that includes delicious food. Aboard Coast Guard Barque Eagle, crewmembers give high marks to the cooking and say it makes the hard work more enjoyable.

Aboard Eagle

Sea stories: Full speed ahead

Somewhere off the coast of New Jersey: As the Coast Guard Barque Eagle sailed into 17 knot winds and 6 to 8-foot seas, officer candidates entered metaphorically uncharted waters. That’s especially true for two United States Coast Guard officer candidates with no previous maritime experience.