Ringing in 2012 with rhyme: Ashore

The act of writing a ship’s log… there’s nothing special about it. Deck logs are the permanent record of day-to-day life aboard a vessel. They must include who is in command, what the status of the ship is and various […]

Master Chief Pierce

Shipmate of the Week – Master Chief Lloyd Pierce

The lore of being at sea has inspired generations of sailors since the very foundation of our country. Life aboard a ship has a heritage that is rife with ritual and is the source of inspiration for every sailor’s favorite […]

Class of 2014 shoulder boards

Class of 2014 – Welcome to the corps

Swab summer at the Coast Guard Academy officially ended this past Monday. Of the original 295, 278 swabs were still standing and took a small but significant step towards becoming vital members of the corps of cadets as they earned […]

Guardian of the Week – EMCM Vobornik

On July 17th, EMCM Richard S. Vobornik relieved GMCS Christopher C. Kukla as the Silver Ancient Mariner. By putting on the hat of the 9th Silver Ancient Mariner, Master Chief Vobornik ensures the Coast Guard continues its proud maritime traditions. […]

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