100 years after Titanic, Ice Patrol ensures safety on the seas

Written by Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas McKenzie for Coast Guard Northeast. The Coast Guard enters its 99th year of patrolling the North Atlantic region, marking positions of icebergs much like the one that sank the Titanic nearly 100 years […]

Shipmate of the Week – MST2 Cliffton Hendry

It was noon on April 10, 1912, when RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton, England, on its maiden voyage. Called “unsinkable” by its builders, Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk less than three hours later. Although a century has passed, […]

2012 ice season starts today!

Written by the International Ice Patrol. Icebergs, bergy bits or growlers. Whatever you call them, these massive chunks of ice – some the size of a small country – all pose a threat for ships transiting the North Atlantic. But […]


Remembering the Titanic 99 years later

The Northwest Atlantic is a unique maritime environment where the threat of icebergs, fog, severe storms and busy shipping lanes are a constant threat to mariners. It was 99 years ago today that this threat became a reality when the […]

Remembering the Titanic

Today Coast Guard crews from the International Ice Patrol and Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., gathered in Halifax, Canada, to remember the victims of the Titanic on the 98th anniversary of the disaster.  These crews have a special connection to […]

How the sinking of the Titanic changed the world

Everyone has heard about the “unsinkable” RMS Titanic, but 98 years removed we have little connection to the disaster other than watching a movie or documentary.  In the world of 1912, the April 14th sinking of the world’s largest, most […]