The life and legacy of Sid Caesar

Actor. Musician. Comedian. Coast Guardsman. Today we honor the life and legacy of Sid Caesar. Born in Yonkers, N.Y., Caesar studied saxophone at the Julliard School of Music. He played in a number of prominent Big Bands, including those led by Charlie Spivak and Claude Thornhill.

Lt. Adriana Knies

Service in the skies: A family tradition

Nearly a decade later, looking out the window of the Jayhawk’s cockpit, Lt. Adriana Knies can’t help but admire the landscape of the Pacific Northwest. The stretch of coastal region between Tillamook Bay, Ore., and Vancouver Island, Canada, has been nicknamed the “Graveyard of the Pacific” because of its unpredictable seas and rough landscape that continually threaten mariners and outdoorsmen alike.

13th District assets

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

It could be said that when nature is at its worst, the Coast Guard is at its best, and it could be argued that nowhere in the United States is this exemplified more than in the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest, miles of rocky coastlines mixed with breathtaking beaches, is a prime location for those who make their living on the seas, or for those looking to escape the rigors of everyday life.

Lt. Cmdr. Jake Smith, a pilot at Air Station Kodiak. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

‘Coast Guard Alaska’ – Back in action

With a new season of “Coast Guard Alaska” premiering tonight, we asked our Facebook fans if they could ask Lt. Cmdr. Jake Smith, a pilot at Air Station Kodiak, anything, what would it be? With more than 70 questions asked, it was clear fans were eager to hear more about the men and women who operate in Alaska.

hangar brief

Coast Guard on the small screen: New series & a season premiere

Tonight “Coast Guard Alaska” is back and there is no shortage of action in our nation’s Last Frontier. The third season will include a daring mission to save 18 souls on an oilrig, the rescue of a hunter trapped in the mountains and features Capt. Melissa Rivera, the first female commanding officer of Air Station Kodiak.

Response boat at the pier

‘Coast Guard Florida’ premieres!

Following on the success of the first two seasons of “Coast Guard Alaska,” viewers now have a chance to see how Coast Guard men and women operate more than 4,000 miles away in the new series, “Coast Guard Florida.” The new show will follow Coast Guard men and women, both on and off-duty, as they perform missions in the Sunshine State.

‘Coast Guard Alaska’ is back!

In November 2011, The Weather Channel and Al Roker Entertainment unveiled the reality television series “Coast Guard Alaska.” The show followed Coast Guard men and women, both on and off-duty, and gave the world an insider’s perspective on the life of […]