The rule of international law follows

Today, in the South Atlantic, maintaining international law is a collaborative effort involving a maritime presence from 15 countries. These 15 countries contribute to the multinational detection, monitoring and interdiction operation working together to deny transnational criminal organizations the ability to exploit transshipment routes for the movement of narcotics, precursor chemicals, bulk cash and weapons along Central American shipping routes.

Shipmate of the Week – GM3 Samuel Peikert

Danger happens anywhere and at anytime. For a dedicated Coast Guardsman who’s internalized Semper Paratus, Always Ready, responding doesn’t just happen on the job, but during off-duty hours as well.

TACLET South training

TACLET South hones active shooter response

During LASER training, a TACLET South law enforcement detachment worked with Miami Police Department officers. The class, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Center for Domestic Preparedness, trains law enforcement officers to respond to active shooter events like the recent Colorado movie theater shooting, Columbine, Virginia Tech and Mumbai shootings.