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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Corps of Cadets

Leaders create and cause change. The Coast Guard Academy develops the service leaders of tomorrow, in turn shaping the future of the Coast Guard. Beyond military leadership, the academy strives to lead by example with a culture of sustainability. The […]

Shipmate of the Week – Michael Hansen

Becoming more environmentally friendly can be as simple as reducing water use and recycling plastic, aluminum and paper products. But one shipmate isn’t stopping there. Michael Hansen is taking his responsibility to be a steward of our environment one step […]

Energy Conservation

Coast Guard Energy Management

Protection of the nation’s environment and natural resources has long been a Coast Guard mission, and this environmental consciousness is obvious in much of what the Service does. Servicemembers are not only developing and enforcing regulations to ensure a sustainable […]

Dr. John Oliver

Shipmate of the Week – Dr. John Oliver

A majestic lighthouse on the Great Lakes. A sustainable fish hatchery along the Atlantic coast. A marine sanctuary off the Olympic Peninsula. An industrious port in the country’s heartland. America’s coastal environments are all vastly different, yet they remain connected […]

CG Green-TRACEN Petaluma Goes Solar

Written by PA3 Caleb Critchfield (with contributions from Robert Hopkins)   The Coast Guard has been providing marine environmental and natural resource protection for 175 years, but the Guardian ethos does not stop at the water’s edge. Guardians are taking […]