225 Years of Service to Nation

225 years of Service to Nation: Marine safety

In the U.S. Coast Guard, the responsibility to safeguard life at sea falls heavily on the shoulders of those who operate within the marine safety mission. This mission does this by striving to prevent maritime incidents through regulation and inspections of commercial vessels and by conducting thorough investigations when accidents do occur.

225 Years of Service to Nation

225 years of Service to Nation: Coast Guard lineage

The mergers have not been easy, and some argue the process is still on-going, but the functions and expertise these agencies brought with them survive intact. They have made today’s Coast Guard what it is — the world’s premiere maritime agency.

Traveling Inspectors

Traveling inspectors: 100 years of expertise

July 16 marked the 100th anniversary of the traveling inspection staff, originally created under the Steamboat Inspection Service. These travelers are highly experienced marine inspectors and investigators that help to measure the effectiveness of existing programs and policies.

Port state control

A port state of mind

American ports are called on by commercial ships from all over the world and are a vital link to the commerce and economies of many nations. Carrying out a wide variety of tasks to ensure ports stay operational and safe in the U.S. and around the world are the Coast Guard’s port state inspectors. Inspectors examine both foreign and domestic vessels ensuring safety and security regulations for vessels are maintained.