2016 Video of the Year: Coast Guard 13th District Surf Training 2016

The seventh nominee features Coast Guard 47-foot Motor Life Boat crews from Coast Guard Station Quillayute River in La Push, Washington, Station Siuslaw River in Florence, Oregon, Station Tillamook Bay in Garibaldi, and Station Yaquina Bay in Newport, conducting heavy weather surf training throughout 2016. Is this the top video for the year? Cast your vote!

Buffalo marine inspector

Week in the life of the Coast Guard: Thursday

We’re more than half way through the week and there are still tons of Coast Guard missions to share! Check out what happened on Thursday in a week in the life of the Coast Guard. From July 30 to August 5, Coast Guard men and women captured a week in the life of the Coast Guard to highlight the missions we perform on a daily basis. From a port security unit on a morning patrol off the coast of Kuwait to flight operations off the coast of Seattle, you’ll get a glimpse of just how much the Coast Guard does.

Rescue awards

Shipmate of the Week – The crew of CG47254

The fishing vessel Double Eagle was passing through the bar at Tillamook Bay, Ore., when it was hit broadside by a 16-foot plunging break. In the blink of an eye the vessel capsized and split in half. As two fishermen’s […]