Shipmate of the Week – Ryan, Cody, Brian & Jack

There’s an old English proverb that says, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” That proverb would be best served carved onto every boat that enters the water. Things can change in a moment’s notice, and boaters have to be prepared. And, it’s because they were prepared that Ryan Miller and his son Cody Mack, Brian Nelson, and Jack Fischer Jr., all from Michigan, are still alive to tell their harrowing story of spending 14 hours in the waters of Lake Huron after their boat capsized July 9.

Eye in the sky

Week in the Life of the Coast Guard: Friday

Written by Chief Petty Officer CC Clayton, editor-in-chief, Coast Guard Magazine Ever wonder what the Coast Guard does in an average week during the winter months? Probably pretty slow, right? While a lot of people are digging themselves out from […]

Night Time Ice Rescue Training

Ice rescue training on the Great Lakes

Coast Guard men and women standing the watch on the Great Lakes perform their missions in one of the nation’s most environmentally challenging areas, and one element above all others presents the biggest challenge – ice. This winter season has […]