General Messages Weekly Round-up

All Hands selects several messages to publish in a weekly post to help raise awareness about specific messages and useful information.

Spirit of Hope

Carrying on the Spirit of Hope

The way she describes it, Suzanne Maas saw a need in the Coast Guard and did “something very small” to boost morale and bring enjoyment to Coast Guardsmen and their families. Read more about Maas and learn why she was honored as the Coast Guard’s 2015 Spirit of Hope recipient.

Spirit of Hope

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: Robert Powers

“Never quit.” This one, powerful phrase has been carried throughout military bases since 2006 by American 300 Foundation creator, Robert Powers.

Bravo zulu, James J. Coleman Jr.!

Coast Guard All Hands sends out a bravo zulu to James J. Coleman Jr., president and chairman of the board of directors of the National Coast Guard Museum Association, on his recognition as the 2013 Coast Guard Spirit of Hope award. Coleman has steadfastly supported the Coast Guard and its people for decades. He has served on the Coast Guard Foundation board since 1997 and was one of the founding members of the National Coast Guard Museum Association in 1999.