Painting commissioned of Revenue Cutter McCulloch when it first set sail in 1897. U.S. Coast Guard Academy collection.

The Long Blue Line: McCulloch — fighting cutter of Manila Bay

During the ship’s 20-year career, McCulloch performed the missions of search and rescue, ice operations, law enforcement, environmental protection, humanitarian relief and maritime defense. The ship recorded many firsts, such as the first cutter to steam through the Mediterranean and Red seas, transit the Suez Canal, and visit the Far East by way of the Indian Ocean. In addition, its West Coast cruising territory extended from the Arctic and Alaska to southern California. Cutter McCulloch and the men who sailed it remain a part of the legend and the lore of the long blue line.

The Long Blue Line: The heroic actions of James “Hutch” Scott (Part 2)

Today we continue the story of James Scott’s heroic actions during the Spanish-American War.

The Long Blue Line: The heroic actions of James “Hutch” Scott (Part 1)

With so many superhero movies to choose from it may be difficult to remember real-life heroes aren’t bullet-proof, can’t travel at the speed of light and don’t wear capes. There are hundreds of untold stories of these real-life heroes who often put their own lives in jeopardy to save the lives of complete strangers. James Hutchinson Scott was one of these heroes who lived to serve others.

The Long Blue Line: Frank Newcomb

The Long Blue Line: Frank Newcomb and the Battle of Cardenas Bay

When asked by Navy officials to choose a Coast Guardsman whose name should grace a new Fletcher-class destroyer, World War II commandant Russell Waesche singled out revenue cutterman Frank Hamilton Newcomb as by far the best candidate.