Coast Guard releases updated sexual assault strategic plan

The updated strategic plan includes the goal of recovery to elevate awareness for comprehensive victim-centered support, during the initial response and beyond. The goal of recovery focuses on holistic, comprehensive, and flexible victim recovery to facilitate a return to wellness. This new goal identifies objectives that enable innovative solutions for continued service for victims, sustain career long availability of military sexual trauma support, and outline training for Coast Guard personnel to understand the full range of supportive care, legal options, and medical services available to victims.

Paratus Report: April 2017, Episode 1

Here is the newest edition of the Paratus Report! This episode covers the Coast Guard’s reduction of general mandated training courses, a new bystander intervention training, and highlights from the Annual State of the Coast Guard!

Sexual assault is a crime, not a punch line

On Wednesday night, Comedy Central aired the season premiere of a show called Workaholics. The show featured a storyline in which a group of characters meant to be Coast Guard recruiters were depicted in a vile hazing incident which included both an illegal criminal act of sexual assault and the involvement of a dog. The show went on to include a scene in which these same characters agreed to take part in a pornographic movie.

From the Commandant: Our Core Values are conditions of service

Sexual assault is a crime. Sexual assault is inconsistent with our Core Values and degrades mission readiness. Sexual assault is abhorrent to our Service culture.

Announcing the 2013 Sexual Assault Prevention Council Annual Report

The 2013 Sexual Assault Prevention Council Annual Report documents the dedicated work of the Council in addressing the problem of sexual assault across four cross-cutting themes, as laid out in the U.S Coast Guard Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2013-2017.

After 36 years of service, VADM Manson K. Brown retires from active duty

Vice Admiral Brown’s strategic vision translated the Year of the Coast Guard Family into a program of sustained focus under the Family Campaign Plan. The reinvigorated effort improved family housing, access to family services abd innovative support programs. As the Coast Guard Executive Agent for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Vice Admiral Brown concpetualized and implemented a robust campaign to eliminate sexual assault in the Coast Guard. In close coordination with the White House and the Department of Defense, he guided an Executive Council to identify concerns and improve sexual assault prevention and response policies.

This is Our Way

As a ship captain I always enjoyed going up to the bridge to check in with the watchstanders, to scan the horizon and check our progress on the charted course. The State of the Coast Guard Address gives me a similar privilege as Commandant, and yesterday I delivered my fourth and final annual Address in the recently dedicated CDR Raymond J. “Ray” Evans Conference Center in the new Douglas A. Munro Coast Guard Headquarters Building.

Sexual harassment or sexual assault? Do you know the difference?

Leadership and the prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment are inextricably connected. As leaders, we need to not only assess our command climate, we need to assess how well we are helping our shipmates understand what is and is not acceptable behavior and the connections between sexual harassment and sexual assault. Both sexual assault and sexual harassment are incompatible with our Core Values and service in the Coast Guard. Offenders can and should expect serious consequences if they decide to engage in either behavior.

Why aren’t you talking with your Shipmates about sexual assault? Why is it so hard to admit we have a problem?

In the inaugural post for our series “Why aren’t you talking with your Shipmates about sexual assault?” we detailed some of the barriers to effective communication that may be hindering our ability to develop a shared perception – a shared reality – regarding the crime of sexual assault in the Coast Guard. We continue that discussion by examining another barrier that not only hinders communication, but also hinders our ability to create change.

Petty officer found guilty, sentenced for sexual assault, other criminal acts

A Coast Guard petty officer was convicted and sentenced Saturday during a general court-martial at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Petty Officer 2nd Class Omar Gomez was sentenced to confinement of eight years, reduction to pay grade E-1, and a dishonorable discharge.

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