Coast Guard Strong

Coast Guard Strong – O’Rian’s story

None of the challenges that 9-year-old O’Rian Jolley have stopped him from working towards his dream of being a Coast Guardsman when he grows up.


Week in the Life of the Coast Guard: Tuesday

Written by Chief Petty Officer CC Clayton, editor-in-chief, Coast Guard Magazine Ever wonder what the Coast Guard does in an average week during the winter months? Probably pretty slow, right? While a lot of people are digging themselves out from […]

Boat Crew Rodeo

Always Ready, Always Training

The Coast Guard’s motto, Semper Paratus, means Always Ready. To be always ready means to be always training. Not just with our noses in the books, but with our feet on the ground – executing drills, exercises and real scenarios […]

LT Wallace gives a presentation

Rescue 21 continues to revolutionize SAR

Position? Nature of distress? Description of the vessel? Number of people on board? Are people wearing their life jackets? These are the first five things a Coast Guard watchstander will ask when you make a distress call. Watchstanders call this […]