CWO Briggs

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: CWO Jason Briggs

The mission of Training Center Petaluma is to provide basic and advanced career training courses to seven of the Coast Guard’s ratings. Easily forgotten on a base dedicated to training are the support divisions, including facilities engineering. However, when a student is disenrolled from a school whether for medical or disciplinary reasons, they usually transfer to the Engineering Division. While their classmates move on with their Coast Guard careers, the disenrolled student remains behind and awaits administrative action. This uncertain time can be quite lengthy and could easily be a negative, unproductive experience for both the student and the Coast Guard. But it’s not, thanks to Material Maintenance Chief Warrant Officer Jason Briggs.

Cost-sharing reinstated for Coast Guard Tuition Assistance Program

Effective immediately, the Coast Guard is reinstating cost sharing for its Tuition Assistance Program in Fiscal Year 2014 for the first time since 2002 after reductions to its training budget.

Coast Guard prohibits inappropriate relationships with recent boot camp grads

In order to preserve these beneficial mentoring relationships, and more clearly define prohibited behavior, Rear Adm. Scott Buschman has issued a general order prohibiting romantic relationships between instructors (including former instructors) and recent graduates of recruit training. Any person who teaches or instructs at a FORCECOM training command is prohibited from establishing, developing or attempting to develop a romantic relationship with a graduate of recruit training within one year of that recruit’s graduation.