Creation of new diver rating and warrant officer specialty

The creation of the DV rating – the Coast Guard’s 22nd rate – and DIV specialty was the result of a 17-month analysis by the Diver Career Management Working Group that considered mission requirements, safety issues and longstanding workforce management considerations. Following the review of the working group’s results, Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Bob Papp directed the establishment of the DV rating with at least 64 enlisted personnel and seven DIV warrant officers.

Guardian of the Week – MECM Muise

Petty Officer Second Class Amir Lawal contributed to this post —————————— Master Chief Maritime Enforcement Specialist (MECM) Gordon J. Muise has had a long and successful Coast Guard career as a Boatswains Mate (BM).  Not too long ago though, he […]

Coast Guard History – Enlisted Ratings

Throughout the next couple of weeks, the Compass will be celebrating the Coast Guard’s 219th birthday by posting stories and commentary on historical events. One interesting topic is the history of the enlisted rates (or “jobs” as they are called […]