2016 Video of the Year: Port, Waterways and Coastal Security in Hampton Roads, Virginia

The third nominee for the 2016 Coast Guard Video of the Year competition features the Port, Waterways and Coastal Security (PWCS) in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Lt. j.g. Alyssa Fuller explains the importance of the PWCS mission at Base Portsmouth. She describes the various assets used to complete the mission and how it especially benefits the Hampton Roads area. Is this the top video for the year? Cast your vote!

225 Years of Service to Nation

225 years of Service to Nation: Ports, waterways and coastal security

The genesis of the Coast Guard’s ports, waterways and coastal security, or PWCS, mission dates back to 1888 when its predecessor agency, the Revenue Cutter Service, was tasked with the movement and anchorage of vessels in New York.

OSMS and YOU: Maritime Law Enforcement, PWCS

For over 200 years, the Coast Guard has filled the roll as our Nation’s first responder to threats in the maritime environment – both domestic and foreign. Aside from conducting general law enforcement, maritime law enforcement personnel prevent, deter, and respond to illicit activities such as terrorism, illegal entry, smuggling, piracy, as well as enforce federal laws protecting the United States’ living marine resources.

Ensign Cook Reports – Station Seattle Part II

Post Written by Ensign Lindsay Cook Hello Everyone, Just to re-cap, during this visit I’m learning about the Coast Guard’s ports, waterways and coastal security (PWCS) mission. In my first post I talked about getting underway with the Seattle/Bainbridge ferry […]