Petty Officer Wilton 'Butch' Terry, a reservist from Port Security 309, was recently selected as the 2015 Coast Guard Enlisted Person of the Year for the Reserve Component. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: MK1 Wilton ‘Butch’ Terry

For 75 years, Coast Guard Reserve members have served alongside the active duty force in every major conflict or crisis this nation has faced. Every year, one dedicated member of the Coast Guard Reserve is selected as the top performer through the enlisted person of the year program. For 2015, the honor was awarded to Petty Officer 1st Class Wilton “Butch” Terry.

PSU 309 Homecoming

End of an era

Closing out nearly 10 years of Coast Guard operations supporting Task Group 56.5 in the Northern Persian Gulf, the Coast Guard was released from its operational responsibilities providing security around Kuwait Naval Base. Shortly after a small ceremony, Sept. 24, Port Security Unit 309 flew halfway around the world to demobilize and return to their home base at Port Clinton, Ohio.

Morning security patrol

Week in the life of the Coast Guard: Monday

Since 1790 the Coast Guard has safeguarded our nation’s maritime interests, providing a 24/7 presence along America’s rivers, ports, coastline and on the high seas. But while the Coast Guard’s presence and impact is regional, national and international, our operations are often out of sight. Coast Guard Compass set out to change that. From July 30 to August 5, Coast Guard men and women captured a week in the life of the Coast Guard to highlight the missions we perform on a daily basis.

Port Security Unit 309: Deeds not words

Written by Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Anderson. Ready to deploy anywhere around the world within 96 hours are the men and women of Port Security Unit 309. Commissioned in 1995, they are one of the Coast Guard’s deployable specialized […]