When breaking ice can’t wait!

The first few weeks of the New Year have seen frigid temperatures ice over many parts of the country, including vital navigable waterways. As many Americans found themselves bundling up to stay warm, the Coast Guard embraced the cold and worked tirelessly to keep waterways open for commerce. One of the iced-over waterways was the Delaware River, which had ice up to five-feet thick. Coast Guard Cutter Capstan was joined by Coast Guard Cutter Cleat to break the ice in the region and ensure the waterway was safe and navigable.

buoy ops

Week in the life of the Coast Guard: Thursday

Buoy operations, welding, the release of a blue heron, noon meal preps & a tow in Ketchikan, Alaska; this might be the most action-packed day yet. Check it out as we continue a Week in the Life of the Coast Guard!

itCG-maritime security zone for G-20 summit, public meetings on proposed rule, migrant smugglers sentenced to prison

Coast Guard will implement a security zone on an approximate five-mile area at the intersection of Pittsburgh’s three rivers during the G-20 global economic summit beginning at 6 a.m. tomorrow until about 10 p.m. on Friday. Guardians will work with […]

itCG-Alaska outreach, girl missing, Women’s Professional Soccer sponsorship, civilians awarded

Now through August 24, Coast Guard, Army, Air National Guard and Air Force personnel are traveling to several remote Alaskan villages as part of Operation Arctic Crossroads. This joint operation is an effort to integrate local knowledge with military expertise […]