The Panama buoy

The calm swells of the Port of Panama gave the Fir’s crew a perfect opportunity to show the Panama Canal Authority how buoys are maintained in the U.S. As the Panamanian crew traversed to the whistle buoy, they searched for the black-hulled tender sporting the iconic 64-degree Coast Guard red, white and blue racing stripe. There it was, on time, dead center of dozens of floating cargo ships.

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: SK2 Luis Perez returns to Panama

On the 20th anniversary of his childhood departure from Panama, Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Luis Perez found himself in a familiar but immensely faraway place. Little did Perez know, exactly 20 years later to the day, he would be on a ship crossing the canal – as a crewmember aboard the Boston-based Coast Guard Cutter Spencer.


To dismantle and defeat networks

Cartels and gangs throughout Central and South America, as well as Mexico, continue to promote fear, violence, corruption and death as they devastate natural resources and exploit citizens and institutions to move drugs, children and weapons for profit. Americans see the symptoms of these nefarious networks when children flock to our borders to escape violence and the U.S. consumer demand for drugs and the associated societal costs continues to rise.


Focus on the Western Hemisphere: A network approach

Federal agencies and international partners are working tirelessly in the United States and abroad to combat Transnational Organized Crime networks. These efforts have been instrumental in eradicating production facilities and controlling the purchase of precursor chemicals used to make drugs; interrupting mobility corridors when illegal narcotics are being moved to stockpile locations; and integrating efforts to disrupt drug shipments and the distribution chain to impact the network itself.

live fire exercise

Forward to UNITAS

Coast Guard Cutter Forward, a 270-foot medium endurance cutter homeported in Portsmouth, Va., represented the United States alongside their shipmates from the USS Rentz. They were joined by naval forces from Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Germany, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Peru and the United Kingdom.

CGC Boutwell

CGC Boutwell volunteers with Panamanian school

The men and women of the Coast Guard are strongly united with the communities in which they serve. As this is national volunteer week, Compass is highlighting a recent volunteer effort led by the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Boutwell. […]