Partnership in Education is a perfect way to impact the future today

Growing up in Portsmouth, Virginia, Chief Petty Officer Carlton White didn’t have very many military role models. That all changed when, in 5th grade, the Coast Guard adopted his grade school through the Partnership in Education (PIE) program, sending two active-duty Coast Guard members to frequently engage with his class throughout the school year. The PIE program enhances educational opportunities and career awareness for the nation’s youth through direct participation in education related programs. All members of the Coast Guard family, including active duty, reserve, auxiliary, civilian and retirees are encouraged to participate in school and community activities approved by their command. Read the full post to learn more about Chief’s story and the importance of the PIE program!

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: Coast Guard Cutter Resolute

Not every Coast Guard rescue mission involves a helicopter or small boat, a perilous rescue at sea amid storm-tossed seas, or a hardened crew braving the elements to save a life. Sometimes they can happen from a seemingly small act of compassion in a moment of connection. Instead of a heaved lifeline, all it can take for a successful rescue is an outreached hand.

itCG-Alaska outreach, girl missing, Women’s Professional Soccer sponsorship, civilians awarded

Now through August 24, Coast Guard, Army, Air National Guard and Air Force personnel are traveling to several remote Alaskan villages as part of Operation Arctic Crossroads. This joint operation is an effort to integrate local knowledge with military expertise […]

Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR)

The Department of Homeland Security is conducting the first ever Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR), which will establish the strategic foundation for homeland security activities over the next four years. The review involves six main study groups: Counterterrorism and Domestic […]

itCG-kayaker without a paddle, AMVER works, international outreach, oil spill cleanup

Here is another example of a life jacket and a cell phone likely saving a life at sea. A kayaker, who lost his paddle and could not get back to shore, was able to make one call for help before […]