OSMS and You: Reserve Program Administrator

Reserve Program Administrators, RPAs, are specialists who fill an essential role in managing the Coast Guard Reserve Program. RPAs are Reserve officers on full-time active duty for the purpose of organizing, administering, recruiting, instructing and training members of the Reserve Component, RC.

OSMS and You: Defense Operations and Readiness

Utilizing unique competencies, capabilities and authorities, the Coast Guard’s Defense Readiness and Operations mission supports the National Military Strategy and operations of the Department of Defense to support combatant commanders worldwide.

OSMS and You: Marine Safety Engineering

The Marine Safety Engineering Program is comprised of Marine Safety Engineers who perform a key function in the Coast Guard’s Prevention program by developing new standards and policy to improve safety, reviewing vessel plans for compliance with Coast Guard standards, and providing technical advice to the field during casualties. Learn more about the Marine Safety Engineering subspecialty here.

Officer Specialty Management System – What’s in it for me?

The Officer Specialty Management System, OSMS, was launched in June 2013; it is the Coast Guard’s official talent management system as related to officer specialties. Read more to find out what the system can do for you and your Coast Guard career.

OSMS and YOU: Legal

The legal program officer specialty code is awarded to those officers who are judge advocates in our service. The program is one of the most highly sought after specialty codes that delivers high-quality legal advice and support to the people who carry out the varied functions of the Coast Guard to ensure their missions, operations and activities can be achieved within the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law.

OSMS and YOU: Acquisition Project Management

The Acquisition Project Manager, CG-MGT16, officer specialty code is a highly valued professional skill within the Coast Guard as they acquire mission critical products needed by our operators in the field and brings them to life through contracting, design and build, as well as ensuring support systems are in place so assets remain effective throughout their lifecycle.

OSMS and YOU: Enterprise Policy, Planning, Budgeting, and Management

The Enterprise Policy, Planning, Budgeting, and Management officer subspecialty is a challenging officer code that directly shapes the service through enterprise-wide strategic, programmatic and operational planning, risk assessment, policy evaluation, program/mission analysis and more. This code prepares officers to lead at the highest levels of the organization.

OSMS and YOU: Marine Environmental Response

The National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan, more commonly referred to as the National Contingency Plan or NCP, designates the U. S. Coast Guard as the lead federal agency for directing the removal and mitigation of oils spills and releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminates into or threatening the waters and adjoining shorelines of the coastal zone.

OSMS and YOU: Boat Forces Operations

When the Coast Guard saves a life, 80% of the time, the individual thanks a Coast Guard boat crewmember. Seventy-seven percent of all boarding and sightings are due to Coast Guard boat crews protecting our shores.

OSMS and YOU: Search and Rescue Coordination

The OAR-11 officer specialty code, or OSC, is available to those officers who demonstrate satisfactory performance and proficiency in aeronautical and maritime SAR planning and response coordination. This competency is fundamental to junior officers aspiring to a Response-Ashore career.

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