Roxanne Watson Heartaversary

A ‘heartaversary’

Four years ago, Roxanne Watson lay in a critical care unit, awaiting a heart transplant she never thought would come. Watson had already been told three times they had found a match. When they came to her a fourth time, she remained skeptical. To avoid getting her hopes up, she told her heart transplant coordinator to call her when they found a heart. That call came on the night of July 15, 2010.


A legacy lives on

Fireman Michael Bovill, 23, died nearly three years ago in an off-duty motorcycle accident while serving at Coast Guard Station Eatons Neck in Eatons Neck, N.Y. At the same time Roxanne Watson, 55, lay in a critical care unit for 78 days awaiting a heart for transplant at Montefiore Hospital in New York City. Bovill’s devotion to saving lives took a new turn as Watson successfully received his heart and became an ardent advocate for organ donor enrollment in New York State.

Roxanne Watson

The power of love

Today is most often recognized as Valentine’s Day but February 14 also shares another important celebration of love – National Donor Day. In honor of today’s focus on love, we invited heart-transplant recipient Roxanne Watson to write about her story on Compass. Watson was given the heart of 23-year-old Coast Guardsman Michael Bovill after he was tragically killed in an off-duty accident.