Fishing boat at the dock

Thankful for a safe crabbing season

Thanksgiving crab is a San Francisco tradition. The steamed, spidery-red crustaceans have a spot on the dining room table right next to that big, gobbling bird. Crab is a delicacy, but the fishermen who go out in the heavy-winter seas and catch it are anything but delicate. The Department of Labor lists fishing as the most dangerous jobs in the country, and the Coast Guard is working to reduce risk through a safety initiative called Operation Safe Crab.

itCG – T-34 wreckage recovered, search for missing clammer, Admiral Blore rolls up his sleeves

Guardians have called off the recovery effort for the wreckage of a Navy T-34 training plane that crashed off the coast of Texas last month. The Coast Guard was able to retrieve approximately 85-percent of the plane and have delivered […]