Charting the Course: Ohio River test bed explores future of navigation

Billions of barrels of oil, tons of cargo and bushels of crops travel on America’s rivers every year on the way to local gas stations, shopping malls and grocery stores. The prosperity of the American Heartland pumps through the vital economic arteries of the Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Now, the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are pioneering the future of navigation in Louisville, Kentucky. The test bed area covers most of the Ohio River and part of the Mississippi River.

Coast Guard Cutter Chippewa

Coast Guard Cutter Chippewa: Keeping commerce flowing

Whether high or low water, the Chippewa and its crew ensure aids vital to the maritime community are on station and watching properly. No matter what Mother Nature has in her playbook, the crew will be underway and at the ready.

Flood of 1937

The Great Ohio, Mississippi River Valley Flood of 1937

Written by Christopher Havern, Coast Guard Historian’s Office. A period of heavy rainfall and melting snow this spring saw the Ohio and Mississippi rivers exceed record flood levels. The rivers’ waters rose so high that the U.S. Army Corps of […]

itCG-paddlewheel boat accident, cliff fall, Lake Pontchartrain SAR

Coast Guard officials are investigating an incident that occurred yesterday afternoon just north of Louisville, Kentucky, off the Ohio River in Harrods Creek involving a paddlewheel boat. At least four passengers were injured on the Belle of Louisville when wind […]