Tis the season … for crafting the right career for promotion

It’s that time of year again. Shopping list season. If you’re due to transfer next summer, now is the time for career counseling.

The search for 4,000

In 2018, Coast Guard recruiters are estimating they would need to find nearly 4,000 recruits, an unenviable task. Read more here to learn about the recruiting process and the programs to become active duty enlisted, officer and reserve.

The Coast Guard Academy & other comissioning sources, a look at diversity

Yesterday the Compass talked about the results of the OAS report, which is a report that goes over how the people within the Coast Guard feel about their workplace. One of the statistics you can see on the chart is […]

Promoted officers are making a wish…

There is a long tradition in many of the armed services called the wetting down. What exactly is a wetting down? Well, there are a lot of different stories about where the tradition comes from. Here is one explanation: In […]