OSMS and YOU: External Affairs

The External Affairs Officer subspecialty is a certification given to officers to effectively execute our external communication obligations through planning, coordination and communication strategies to build understanding, credibility, trust and mutually beneficial relationships with the publics who the Coast Guard serves.

OSMS and YOU: Management

Management, MGT10, is an officer specialty code, or OSC, that is assigned only to billets, not officers. There are currently 94 billets labeled MGT10, and most are leadership positions. Many of these positions may also have additional specific competency requirements.

OSMS and YOU: Financial Management

The Officer Specialty Code, FIN10 – Financial Management, is currently one of the most dynamic specialties around. Financial Management is also one of OSCs with the highest growth in Advanced Education opportunities. This year we received 18 tabs, nearly twice as many as any other Advanced Education program, and we’re selecting personnel from every Coast Guard community – Afloat, Response, Prevention, and Aviators!

OSMS and YOU: Prevention Ashore

Prevention Officers with this specialty have the training, skills, and experience to manage and execute the Coast Guard’s prevention operations. Prevention mission management requires detailed knowledge of the inspection of vessels, facilities, maritime investigations, enforcement of waterway safety and security standards, and waterway analyses.

OSMS and YOU: Aeronautical Engineer

What is an ENG-15 Officer Specialty Code? Each year, a panel meets to select 12 qualified aviators for the prestigious Aeronautical Engineering Officer Training Program.

OSMS and YOU: Civil Engineer

Every mission starts and ends in a Coast Guard facility,” said Rear Adm. J.A. Kinghorn. Coast Guard civil engineers are those officers who have achieved the CG-ENG13 sub-specialty and manage the entire shore facility asset portfolio for the Coast Guard.

OSMS and YOU: Naval Engineer

What is an ENG-12 officer specialty code? Earning an ENG-12 OSC designates you a Coast Guard Naval Engineer.