Cmdr. Rob Smith

Shipmate of the Week – CDR Rob Smith

Cmdr. Robert L. Smith was inducted into the BGCA National Hall of Fame as part of their national BGCA conference in Orlando, Fla. Smith is only the second Coast Guardsman to receive this honor. He joined more than 150 other former BGCA members who have been recognized as leaders in their fields, including Denzel Washington, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Michael Jordan and Coast Guard Capt. Daniel Travers.


Fly-fishing for a cause

Fly fishing can work wonders for those rehabbing injuries of the body and mind. It takes patience and skill to master. It also takes repetition and commitment, not unlike rehab exercises. Cmdrs. James Kammel and Cliff Neve volunteered at the 7th annual “2 Fly” competition in partnership with Project Healing Waters, a non-profit organization bringing wounded and disabled veterans together for therapeutic fly-fishing. “2 Fly” is literally a two-flies-only fishing competition where the most prolific angler takes the crown.

Cycling team

Cycling for service

With more than 20 million veterans living in America today, Coast Guard members across the nation join together to honor their service. Whether attending a memorial service for a veteran who has passed or visiting local veterans’ hospitals to show gratitude, supporting veterans is a principal all servicemembers hold dear. While there are many ways to show support, one group of Coast Guardsmen took their support on the road – the road to Gettysburg, Pa.