Shipmate of the Week – VADM John Currier

He joined the Coast Guard to fly. And fly he did. Vice Adm. John Currier piloted five Coast Guard and three Navy aircraft types, amassing 6,023 flight hours. He took to the skies, saving lives and protecting our nation, for 38 years. Currier assumed duties as the 28th vice commandant of the Coast Guard in May 2012 and was relived from his duties at a change of watch ceremony held earlier this week. As vice commandant, Currier focused on reawakening the operational safety culture in the Coast Guard.

Why fly?

Aviate, navigate, communicate. These three words are drilled into the minds of Coast Guard pilots from day one. First, you have to focus on flying the plane. Next, you have to figure out where the plane is headed. Lastly, you […]