Ready Coast Guard: Build a kit

As National Preparedness Month comes to a close, now is the perfect time to build or update your emergency kit. Having an emergency kit on hand with at least three days of supplies will ensure that your family can meet its essential needs in a crisis.

Ready Coast Guard: Make a Plan

Without a plan, your family could be unprepared to react with assurance when time is of the essence or you may have difficulty finding one another if separated.

Ready Coast Guard: Be informed!

Understanding potential hazards in your area, knowing evacuation routes and what to do in advance can make all the difference when seconds count.

Ready Coast Guard: Are you prepared?

Be a hero at home. Prepare yourself and your family for emergencies or disasters in advance. September is National Preparedness Month and the perfect time to embrace the Coast Guard motto — Semper Paratus — by taking action to be “always prepared” at home.

The Drawing Board: Hurricane proof?

September is National Preparedness Month. As Coast Guard personnel, we all have a responsibility to lead by example. Are you prepared?