Coast Guard divers participate in NASA training operation

Coast Guard divers in space?

Aquarius, operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, allows aquanauts and astronauts alike to conduct research and simulate mission activities in the water’s low gravity. Diving in an underwater laboratory necessitates a unique expertise. It requires plenty of knowledge about underwater operations and skills held by very few individuals. It was just the kind of job for a Coast Guard diver.

Capt. Dan Burbank

Ask an astronaut

When we heard Capt. Dan Burbank – who recently returned from a six-month stint as Expedition 30 commander – would be in the area, we knew we wanted to interview him. But what to ask an astronaut? We turned to our Facebook fans for help and thanks to Erin, Sharon, Edward, Marshall, John and Gwen we had the perfect questions to ask.

Semper nostra optima

The instant the keel of a new Coast Guard cutter is laid, the ship begins the journey toward its eventual decommissioning. The Coast Guard Cutter Dallas began the voyage in the 1960s and approached that inevitable fate today as the ship sailed into homeport after its last patrol as a U.S. warship.

Sky is no longer the limit

Written by Petty Officer 1st Class NyxoLyno Cangemi. More than 100 cadets sat eagerly waiting while NASA’s live video stream played out on the screen in front of the small auditorium. On Jan. 24, members of the Coast Guard Academy‘s […]

Season’s Greetings from space!

As many of us rush to send out our last-minute holiday greeting cards on time, one former Coast Guardsman has a special holiday greeting he is sending from a very unique location – space. Retired Coast Guard Capt. Daniel Burbank, […]

Protecting the Space Shuttle

The return of the Space Shuttle Atlantis from its historic final voyage this morning brings a bitter sweet moment as the nation reflects back on those famous words spoken by astronaut Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one […]

“Ocean Guru” Studies Arctic Water Movement

The motion of the ocean. It moves sea ice around like the pieces of an uncompleted puzzle. It brings nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from the Pacific Ocean into the Arctic where they fuel luxuriant phytoplankton growth. […]

Greetings from the Arctic

Coast Guard Cutter Healy departed Dutch Harbor, Alaska, last week on its Arctic West Summer deployment. The cutter is on a five-week mission with 80 Coasties and 50 scientists conducting a wide range of research activities. Healy provides more than […]