Dear Coast Guard Family: Month of the Military Child – Coast Guard Family Child Care Program

Coast Guard children have felt the sting of a hard good-bye, they have transferred to different and far-off places – learning to “bloom where they are planted” in new schools and communities, and they have experienced the joy and anticipation of a long-awaited reunion. Learn more about how the Family Child Care Program can help!

From the Homefront: Coast Guard families share their journeys on the autism spectrum

In recognition of World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), five families share their stories of Coast Guard life with a loved one on the autism spectrum. Read the full blog to learn more about accepting, understanding, and loving those with autism.

From the Homefront: Finding college scholarships for military kids

Let’s be honest; it is pretty important for a young adult to get a degree these days, but college is expensive! Scholarships can greatly assist with off-setting the cost of college or could potentially pay for the whole thing. If you and your military child are interested in learning more about how to apply for scholarships, this is the post for you! Read more to get all the tips on how to get the most out of scholarships.

From the Homefront: Schools to track progress of military kids

Did you know that more than half of military kids are school aged, and they move three times more often than civilian kids. Military children might have different educational experiences when it comes to learning; therefore, starting this school year, a Military Student Identifier will help public school systems collect data to track and evaluate student performance in the wake of the challenges military kids face. The data collected about military-connected students will help identify as a group whether there are common obstacles in the progression of their educations. The logistics of how this will work in each school district are still being hashed out, but read this post to learn answers to some common questions about the identifier.