Unity of Effort

In the Zone: Unity of Effort

Stepping aboard an unfamiliar ship for the first time can be overwhelming. But, a ship is a ship, and sailors are sailors, used to quickly adapting regardless of the vessel. On January 20, 2015, three khaki-clad Mexican Naval officers came on board the 418-foot Coast Guard Cutter Waesche, arguably the most advanced and mission capable cutter in the fleet, and were quickly made to feel at home.

U.S. and Mexico vessels moored

USCG and SEMAR: Shared border, shared missions

The U.S. and Mexico share more than a border; they also share a relationship that crosses the full spectrum of maritime operations. The Coast Guard and Mexican navy, known as Secretaría de Marina, are maritime first responders in areas ranging […]

Coast Guard Escanaba and Baja California

UNITAS 2011: International partners

Written by Ens. Ray Chaisson, Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba. As a deployed cutter, Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba has had the opportunity to interact with several foreign navies. These interactions have led to many long lasting professional relationships and produced frameworks […]