Get your periodic health assessment

Written by Cmdr. Shane Steiner Chief of Preventive Medicine To develop and sustain a mission ready total workforce, ensuring the workforce is medically ready is absolutely critical. An important way to ensure the Coast Guard military workforce is medically ready is […]

TRICARE and You – Breast cancer prevention and treatment

Early detection of breast cancer is critical to maintaining your health. Once detected, getting the proper treatment is essential to restoring your health in the best manner possible. TRICARE offers a range of services to help you detect this disease and treat it if you have it.

TRICARE and You – What is covered

The TRICARE medical insurance program is designed to assist you and your eligible family members with maintaining your health, and providing you with care when you are sick or injured. While TRICARE coverage is comprehensive, covering a wide range of services, products and programs, it doesn’t cover everything. It’s important that you know what TRICARE does and doesn’t cover so that you can take best advantage of your benefit, and so that you don’t incur any unnecessary costs.

TRICARE and You: Transitional benefits during separation

Are you transitioning or separating from the Coast Guard? Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for TRICARE coverage for a temporary or permanent period. This post provides information about the different programs that may be available for you during this time.

From the Homefront: Medical care on the move

Whether you are moving this summer or thinking ahead to Assignment Year 2017, this post provides insight into medical benefits and care while in the midst of a Permanent Change of Station.