New Policy: Parental Leave

The new policy replaces maternity, paternity and adoption leave with maternity convalescent leave and caregiver leave. This change increases non-chargeable leave for non-birth parents and recognizes a wide variety of modern day family situations, including non-married parents.

Parental leave for Coast Guard families: Time for the family to bond

In February 2016, the Coast Guard extended its maternity leave policy from six weeks to 12 weeks. In order to ensure the policy is achieving its objectives, the Commandant has tasked the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-12B) to undertake an assessment of the maternity leave policy as an initiative under the Human Capital Strategy (HCS). Many initiatives under the HCS have the objective of making changes that matter to not only our active duty and reserve service members, but also to our civilian contingent. As we share new policies coming out of the HCS, we hope that you will subscribe to the All Hands blog and the Paratus Report to get the latest updates on how the Coast Guard is working to fulfill its Duty to People. This post highlights two dual-military couples that have had children under the new policy and how this new policy has affected their personal and professional lives.

From the Homefront: Navigating life as a new parent

New babies are a joyful addition to a family. But they also bring with them a tremendous number of questions and concerns. Add to that the idea of incorporating Coast Guard life to a pregnancy and new baby, and it can be the source of stress, said Lt. Cmdr. Carrie McKinney.

From the Commandant: Changes to paid maternity leave policy

The Coast Guard will increase paid maternity leave from six weeks to up to 12 weeks. This welcomed policy change is effective immediately and was carefully orchestrated with our sister Armed Services to ensure our military mothers can welcome the newest members of our Coast Guard family into their homes. Women have proudly served in our Coast Guard since 1978, and this policy change reflects their tremendous Service to Nation and embodies our Duty to People.