Positioning adaptable forces

Last week, six Maritime Safety and Security Teams including Galveston, Honolulu, King’s Bay, Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle deployed in support of the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation – the first U.S.-hosted national special security event outside the continental U.S. In part […]


Every dog has its day

The multi-mission Maritime Security Response Team and Maritime Safety and Security Teams of the U.S. Coast Guard provide port safety, security and law enforcement capabilities to America’s ports. Partnerships are important in achieving their mission, and one of these partnerships […]

Petty Officer Perez

Remembering 9/11: ME1 Carlos Perez

Every American has a different memory of the Sept. 11 attacks. Ten years later, the events of that day remain burned into America’s psyche and remembrance often begins with the sobering question, “Where were you when the towers fell?” Some […]

Deployable Specialized Forces Stem to Stern Review update

Coast Guard Deployable Specialized Forces such as the Maritime Security Response Team, Maritime Safety and Security Teams, Tactical Law Enforcement Teams, Port Security Units and Regional Strike Teams located throughout the country, are part of the service’s Maritime Trident of […]

Students of the Basic Tactical Operations Course at the Joint Maritime Training Center aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune fire MK-18s at the range. The course gives members of the Coast Guard's deployable specialized forces the fundamentals of marksmanship. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Thomas J. Griffith.

Combating terrorism: Joint maritime training

Written by Sgt. Thomas J. Griffith, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune In temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In full gear, including flak jacket and Kevlar.  In ports around the United States and overseas.  The Coast Guard has law enforcement officials […]

Midwest flooding

Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers assist residents in Midwest flood zone

Written by Petty Officer 2nd Class Bill Colclough. With extreme high water conditions and heavy rains threatening to flood the town of Cairo, Ill., and adding pressure to the entire Mississippi River system, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers triggered […]

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