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Week in the Life of the Coast Guard: Friday

Written by Chief Petty Officer CC Clayton, editor-in-chief, Coast Guard Magazine Ever wonder what the Coast Guard does in an average week during the winter months? Probably pretty slow, right? While a lot of people are digging themselves out from […]

itCG – international drug bust, bird rescue, boaters rescued, oil spill mystery continues

Guardians from CGC Jarvis seized a self-propelled semi-submersible loaded with 4,500 kilograms of illegal narcotics and its crew of four while patrolling off the coast of Central America. The Jarvis is part of a multi-agency drug interdiction task force patrolling […]

itCG-helicopter crash, shark bite medevac, boat collision, oil fingerprinting

Coast Guard Station Rockland responded to a helicopter that crashed in Penobscot Bay, Maine, yesterday. The four passengers were from a luxury yacht anchored in the area and were not seriously injured. Coast Guard personnel towed the helicopter to shore […]