The Long Blue Line: Gun captain and African-American war hero Louis Etheridge

During an escort of Convoy ON-166 from Ireland to the U.S., Chief Steward Louis Etheridge, aboard Coast Guard Cutter Campbell, commanded an 11-man African-American gun crew of stewards, mess attendants and steward mates. On Feb. 22, 1944, Campbell faced-off against German submarine U-606 in which Etheridge and his gun crew decimated the sub’s crew and rendered the U-boat defenseless. Etheridge earned the Bronze Star, the first military medal bestowed on an African-American Coast Guardsman for combat heroism.

The Long Blue Line: Coast Guard’s “Queen of the Fleet” and the Battle of Convoy ON-166, part 1

Coast Guard Cutter Campbell, commissioned in 1936, is considered the “Queen of the Fleet” as the longest-lived and most famous of the 327-foot Secretary class cutters. In this week’s Long Blue Line series we share the first part of Campbell’s history and its brave convey escort through waters infested with Nazi submarines.