Adak aerial

Coast Guard Heroes: Jacob Lauri Arthur Poroo

Jacob Lauri Arthur Poroo was a Hospital Corpsman 1st Class who was stationed at Adak Island, Alaska. On the morning of June 2, 1968, he entered a burning cabin to attempt a rescue. When fire erupted about 3: 30 a.m., it engulfed the doorway of the old recreation building. Poroo, together with seven other men, successfully escaped. Hearing shouting and believing it to be a cry for help from a trapped companion, Poroo re-entered the flaming cabin to render assistance with complete disregard for his own safety.

Cutter Washington

Not your typical Coast Guard operation

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Washington recently visited Ulithi Atoll to deliver humanitarian supplies and teach locals about safe boating practices. Washington, a 110-foot patrol boat out of Guam, delivered rice, rainwater collectors, school books, clothing and outboard boat engines. These supplies were much needed on the small islands that make up the atoll, as the ship that normally delivers cargo to the atoll has been unable to make the voyage for almost a year due to mechanical problems.

Coast Guard terminates LORAN-C broadcast

The show continued on despite record snowfall in the Washington, D.C., area over the weekend. Yesterday at 3 p.m., the Coast Guard Navigation Center in Alexandria, Va., coordinated the shutdown of the North American Long Range Navigation-C signal. Click here […]

History – The Legacy of LORAN

On Monday, Feb. 8, the U.S. Coast Guard will cease transmission of the United States Loran-C signal and will commence a phased decommissioning of the Loran-C infrastructure. To read more about the termination of Loran-C, click here to read a […]

Guardians of the Week – Loranimals

This week, we are dedicating the Guardian of the Week to all the Coast Guard men and women who during their careers had the privilege of becoming a Loranimal. A Loranimal is a term of endearment given to a person […]

Coast Guard intends to terminate Loran-C next month

At 2000 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) – or 3pm east coast time – on February 8, the U.S. Coast Guard will cease transmission of the United States Loran-C signal and will commence a phased decommissioning of the infrastructure that has […]

itCG – kidnapping charges, hazardous duty, dangerous conditions, lucky to be alive

Yesterday, Coast Guard Compass reported that Guardians rescued a 3-year-old boy reportedly kidnapped by his estranged father. Today, we can report that the Coast Guard handed the father over to the FBI last night and the man appeared in federal […]

Then and Now Part 3: Shedding Light on Navigation

Post written by LTJG Ryan T. White Let’s go back in time once more; further back than we’ve ever gone before, to a time before the U.S. Life Saving Service; back even before the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service. It’s August […]