Shipmate of the Week – BM2 Chris Ouellette

Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Ouellette was fresh out of boot camp in July 2007 when he was assigned to Station Grays Harbor. He arrived at his first Coast Guard unit ready to learn. Fast forward to today and Ouellette has more than just learned; he has mastered. Ouellette has earned the title of Coast Guard surfman No. 473. Along with his title of surfman, he has also earned the unofficial title of “seaman to surfman” at Grays Harbor – meaning he arrived at the unit a seaman and will be leaving a surfman.

Worth mentioning again

It was in the In the Coast Guard post yesterday, but it is worth linking another article about the Coast Guardsman who received the Silver Life Saving Medal for jumping into the frigid Puget Sound to save a life. Story […]

Hoax callers don’t just cost tax payers money…

I would really like to use some strong language to talk about how unsavory I find hoax callers but it is probably impolite so I will leave it at this: hoax callers leave a lot to be desired as people […]