Paratus Report: December 2017, Episode 2

The newest episode of the Coast Guard Paratus Report is now live! In this episode, we’ll take a look at our service accomplishments this year and provide new guidelines for LAMS!

Shape the future: CWO Craig Kerby

It’s very rewarding when I get that follow-on phone call or discussion after class, and I can provide service to the students by answering a question or helping them out. It’s great to know that the students trust me to be there for them all the time, not just during class.

OSC Hearst with team

Shipmate of the Week – OSC Sabrina Hearst

Not a single day passed during her 62-day bicycle ride across America when Chief Petty Officer Sabrina Hearst didn’t think to herself, “Just one more mile.” But her thoughts were not for her own self-motivation as she endured weeks of 100-plus degree temperatures, frequent muscle pain and fatigue. Her thoughts were for her teammates, the 17 disabled veterans and able-bodied riders who became her extended family during the two months they spent together on the asphalt.