Kathleen Moore

Welcome to the fleet, Coast Guard Cutter Kathleen Moore!

The Coast Guard welcomed the newest fast response cutter to the fleet this weekend as Coast Guard Cutter Kathleen Moore was commissioned in Key West, Fla. The cutter is named after Coast Guard heroine Kathleen “Kate” Moore, keeper of the Black Rock Harbor Light on Fayerweather Island, a small seaside community south of Bridgeport, Conn. She served for 72 years and is officially credited with saving 21 lives. When she retired from service in 1878 at the age of 84 and was asked about her saves, Moore said, “I wish it had been double that number.”


‘I knew no other life’

The newest cutter – to be commissioned this weekend – is named in honor of the keeper of Black Rock Harbor Light, Kathleen “Kate” Moore. It was 1817 when Moore first stood the watch. She was 12. While she wasn’t a full keeper of the light at the time, her father tended the light after a shipboard injury prevented him from going to sea. As Moore grew older, and her father’s health worsened, she took on keeper duties, although she was not officially appointed as head keeper until 1871.


Illuminating the path ahead

Women’s History Month is one of many celebrations that remind Americans of their identities and the impact of those who have gone before us. While Women’s History Month has come to an end, the Coast Guard continues to honor women and the contributions they have made to shape the service’s history. Kathleen Moore is one of these women.

Kathleen Moore

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