Eastern Pacific patrol

From the bridge of the Bertholf: Eastern Pacific counter-drug arena

While our current patrol of the Bering Sea provides us with yet another opportunity to refine our use of ship sensors, command and control, helicopters, small boats, crew compliment, speed and endurance – what we call improving the “speed of the system” – I find myself reflecting on the impact this class of ship has already had in the Eastern Pacific counter-drug arena, and the impact it will have for other missions such as high seas drift net enforcement, Western and Central Pacific fisheries enforcement and disaster response.

Petty Officer 1st Class Rothdeutsch

From the deck plate of the Bertholf: Engineering

  Earlier this week Coast Guard Compass put you on the bridge of the Bertholf with the commanding officer himself, Capt. John Prince. His unique perspective as Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf’s commanding officer highlighted how impressive the capabilities of the […]

CGC Bertholf small boat

From the bridge of the Bertholf: A word from the commanding officer

We’ve been underway for more than a month on the first Alaska Patrol for a national security cutter, and I can say it has been a truly impressive performance by the ship and our crew. We’ve experienced 20-foot seas and winds in excess of 60 knots with temperatures below freezing, and despite these sea conditions the ship has remained within pitch and roll limits to launch our helicopter. We have been able to make a comfortable 12 to 15 knots through the water in seas up to 14 feet, validating the sea keeping and stability of the NSC and our ability to respond quickly to any emergency.