OSMS and YOU: Incident Management and Preparedness

Incident management is a critical function that spans all Coast Guard missions. Strength in incident management and an in-depth understanding of working with the interagency is integral to the Response Operations Ashore specialty

Captain Laferriere at the Houma Incident Command Post

Shipmate of the Week – Capt. Roger Laferriere

With the inception of the Department of Homeland Security in 2003, men and women from 22 different Federal departments and agencies joined together in a unified, integrated department to protect our nation’s borders, enforce our laws, prevent terrorism and prepare […]

itCG-pollution response activities, Lake Michigan rescue, international training, DART deployed

A BIG THANKS to everyone who wished the U.S. Coast Guard a Happy Birthday. Here’s to the start of another great year! Guardians are monitoring the cleanup of a combined oil and fuel sheen in the Westport Slough near the […]