225 Years of Service to Nation

225 years of Service to Nation: Migrant interdiction

The Coast Guard began its mission of migrant interdiction on the high-seas in 1794, when the Congress of the United States declared that no American citizen may carry slaves from the U.S. to another nation or between foreign nations. The Coast Guard, through its predecessor the Revenue Cutter Service, was charged with enforcing this law.

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Guardians on board a Coast Guard cutter spotted a suspicious 25-foot vessel off the coast of La Jolla, CA. Guardians alerted federal agents, who dispatched a Blackhawk helicopter and a Midnight Express Interceptor vessel to intercept the fleeing boat. According […]

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Coast Guard Cutter Petrel interdicted a boat carrying 11 suspected illegal Mexican immigrants about five miles off the coast of California yesterday. The overloaded 20-foot boat was about a mile-and-a-half into U.S. waters when it was intercepted. The cutter detained […]